Since its inception in 2012, DraftKings has risen in meteoric fashion to become not only a household name for Fantasy sports fanatics, but also one of the best sportsbooks in the market, and for good reason. The site boasts an impressive menu of sports, events, tournaments, and betting opportunities. They even offers a variety of time frames for fantasy sports; one need not lock one's self into a season-long commitment. Daily and weekly action is available. They also have plenty of free action for the casuals and/or those looking to test out new strategies in a sandbox. Since its launch, DraftKings has paid out over $5 billion to its players. That's billion with a b.

Though initially launching as a fantasy platform, the sportsbook is no afterthought. In fact, it remains one of the most popular. The lines are fair, the assortment of events is bountiful, and the selection is vast. Expect to find everything from the complete lineup of NFL games to more obscure sporting events like Darts or Cricket. You can even bet on the Oscars. You'll find the usual lines, spreads, over/unders, and live bets, but also some unique props and uncommon bets, like betting on a single player's performance.

One nice touch that sets DraftKings apart from most other books is the library statistics. I'm a data nerd, so the ability to see specific metrics, like how teams have performed against the spreads and lines in a season, is quite nice, and not usually something one would expect a sportsbook to be forthcoming about.

The platform itself is easy to navigate and very user friendly. Placing bets is as easy as clicking the bet you want to make and entering the amount. The options are very clear, the wagers are easy to understand, and the site is simple to navigate. There's basically no learning curve; everything is exactly where you'd expect to find it.

As far as the realm of fantasy sports goes, DraftKings is number one in our book, and by no small margin. And as a sportsbook, it also tops the list, primarily on account of the wide variety of options, the overall popularity, the data, and the user friendliness of the platform. Suffice it to say, we highly recommend the platform.

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